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Mount Fool, members


banjo, guitar, backing vocals


guitar, mandolin, backing vocals


cajon, percussion


vocals, cigar box guitar, harmonica


Mount Fool is a Finnish Folk 'n Roots band formed in Helsinki in 2012 by Topi Ruotsalainen, Antti Närhi, Jaakko Nieminen and Eero Eloranta.


From the very beginning Mount Fool started to create and play its own impetuous material that roams somewhere near the hidden trails of roots, folk and old time music. The mixture of influences include americana, blues bluegrass and gospel (not to mention some punk & grunge leaking through).


The first Mount Fool gig was held on 30th November 2012 only few months after the band was formed. The following day (1st December 2012) Mount Fool recorded its first 10 song demo "Untamed Tunes 2012" including such songs like "Rebellion", "Live to the point of tears" and "Keep your light breathing".


2013 Mount Fool performed around Finland and played its first gig at the legendary Kaustinen Folk Music Festival.


2014 Mount Fool continued performing live and held its first gig outside Finland. The band started working on another 10 track release "Planted to grow" including a rendition song "Flying Fishcock" which is an english version of a classic finnish mazurka "Lentävä kalakukko" (composition: Toivo Kärki, lyrics: Reino Helismaa). The song got a lot of airtime on finnish roots music radio Roll FM.

Also Finnish Harmonica Master Brother Andy was featuring on two songs, "Gallows Fandango" and "Are we there yet?"


2015-2017 Mount Fool performed mainly around Helsinki and surroundings. The band played one Show in Tallinn (Estonia) and performed on Folklandia Cruise on Baltic Sea. Mount Fool teamed up with Tim Wessman from "Kangastus Visuals" for several shows and played a gig with radio Roll FM.


2018 Mount Fool is working with new material.

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