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Antti Närhi

Born in 1979. A Kuopio-born photographer, who nowadays lives in Helsinki. Started photography in 2004 with a film camera and shoots still mainly film, although uses also the benefits of a digital darkroom.

His work has a strong link to the past and owes a great deal to the old masters of photography, early street photography and the decisive moment.

His interests include music & movies (especially old ones), travel, books and good food. He is inspired by the works of Sammallahti, Adams, Capa, Bremer, Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, McCurry, Salgado, Erwitt, Maier, Corbijn, Heikura, Kenna, Nachtwey, Smith, Leibowitz, Reed, Wilder, Flynn, Morricone, Bogart, Scorsese, Mann, Coppola, Ijäs, Poe, Howard, Hill, Newman, Waltari, Coen, Welles, Tiersen, Connery, Hepburn, Cave, Goscinny, Uderzo, Hergé, Larson, Monty Python…

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